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please: Ask your computer nicely

please is a command-line tool that accepts natural language input, then uses an LLM to generate + run a Bash script. View on Github here.


pip install git+


NOTE: You need to pass your OpenAI API key in your environment as OPENAI_API_KEY.

Type your prompt in natural language starting with the word "please".

$ please <prompt>

For example:

$ please create a standard gitignore for a python package in the current directory

echo "# Byte-compiled / optimized / DLL files" >> .gitignore
echo "__pycache__/" >> .gitignore
echo "*.py[cod]" >> .gitignore
echo "*$py.class" >> .gitignore
echo "*.so" >> .gitignore
echo "*.egg-info/" >> .gitignore
echo "dist/" >> .gitignore
echo "build/" >> .gitignore
echo "pip-wheel-metadata/" >> .gitignore
echo "*.egg" >> .gitignore
echo "*.egg-info" >> .gitignore
echo ".eggs/" >> .gitignore

Creating a .gitignore file and adding rules to ignore various types of files and directories.


  • If a script fails, please pipes stderr back into the LLM to create a revised script. This is especially useful when a file or dependency doesn't exist, etc.

  • If the prompt isn't specific enough, please prompts the user for extra information, which gets inserted into the script before it's run.

  • please will print the command(s) being executed, and summarizes the command(s) of the script in natural language after execution.


Some capabilities are shown in this Twitter thread.


I'm open-sourcing this in the interest of collaboration and openness, but I don't plan on maintaining it a lot. There are a few improvements that can be made though:

  • Better prompts
  • Run an LLM locally instead of relying on OpenAI
  • Caution the user before making destructive actions